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by apple's' new ceo letter insisting the company won't change. >> the reason he can say that is because, number one, jobs has imparted that vision to everyone on the staff. they know what the 5-year plan, the 10-year plan, what direction that steve jobs wants the company to go. >> they've been following apple for more than 30 years and he says that innovation is in the company's blood. >> when you look at apple going forward, you see them creating, you know, the screens today, the ipod, iphone, ipad and the mac. they can create new screens, including the television, in-car dash systems. they could innovate for another couple of decades. >> more screens, more products, the apple way. you can count on it. we've talked a lot about apple's dna flowing through apple.
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tonight at 6:00, we'll meet the younger generation of silicon valley leadership and why they say they're inspired by the work of steve jobs. am, arguably the most powerful consumer company in the world, in large part because of the iphone, tracy grant joins us from san francisco's neighborhood with a closer look at how apple fans are dealing with the departure of steve jobs. good evening, tracy. >> good evening, scott been the age of the customers coming in and out of the store range dramatically, just like the opinions on steve jobs' stepping down. >> this is what they had available. for my mom. it will do just fine. there it is. >> reporter: this ipad will soon be in the hands of laurel's 94-year-old mother. she sent it as a tool and a toy. so accessible even her mother can use it. that's what appealed to her about apple computers since he bought her first one in 1982.
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>> when you think of had you how you see it progressed over the years, does it just blow your mind? >> yes, it does. that's why i'm a stockholder. >> good for you. >> reporter: she's one of many not looking town load her stock any time soon or steer away from apple products just because longtime ceo steve jobs is resigning. she's so entranced by the ipad, she's using it as she walks out of the store. it shouldn't make too much of a difference who's at the helm. >> i can't see somebody taking that over and really screwing it up. >> it's hard to imagine apple without jobs. >> apple is successful for a reason. it's because that man, he's the driving force. >> he's done a lot for this company. very intelligent. very smart. comes up with all these different ideas all the time and i hope the new guy taking over is just like him. >> why the older apple customers say the company's name is synonymous with jobs and it's hard to separate one from the
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other, younger ones feel differently. >> what do you know about steve jobs? >> not a lot. >> i don't think young kids really want to know the face behind all this stuff. they're just like, technology, it's fun, so that's easy to understand 'but the man behind all of this is definitely something that's important to me, to kind of know who he is. >> reporter: we definitely spoke to some people who say that any change in leadership of any company, definitely will make a difference. but they say as long as apple sticks to the its focus, on customer service and cutting-edge technology, they won't be taking their money elsewhere. live from san francisco, tracy grant. >> we have extensive coverage of his resignation. ten products and a slide show of steve jobs throughout the years. hurricane irene is bettering the bahamas and moving towards the eastern seaboard.
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100 miles offshore, the power of the superstorm is being felt. we learned eight people were hurt when a large wave hit them on a pier in florida. the latest on the storm so far. winds topping 150 miles per hour. irene on track to hit the coast of north carolina by saturday. as you can imagine, many people are starting to evacuate. nbc' jay gray joi us now with, boy, this is the time to start bracing for the hurricane. >> good evening. a growing sense of concern and fear right now. not only here on the outer banks, but up and down the east coast. millions watching every move and wondering exactly where irene may strike first. as irene ripped through the bahamas, damage from the massive storm sent a clear and powerful message. that now echos from the outer banks up the east coast to new england. >> it scares me and i'm ready to get home. >> there's a mandatory evacuation order for visitors along the carolina coast and a
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line of cars followed the path to higher ground today. >> get out while i can before it gets too bad, i guess. >> residents will likely be told to be soon. for now they're boarding up and buckling down everything they can. >> it may come through here and take down a lot of stuff so it's one of those things where it's going to be a big storm and a lot of people are going to be affected. >> many are hoping for a sign that the storm will shift from its current track. the latest turn was to the left or west. bad news for the outer banks. >> there's a lot of projections and, of course, we all know that you really can't tell what those things h do ununtil they're doing it. >> that uncertainty is like dozens of ships of the navy's fleet were moved out of way and why the american managers have them on the eastern seaboard, still shaking after an earthquake early this week. >> mother nature may not be done with us yet. >> concern that stretches all the way to cape cod. >> it would be crazy to not be concerned. better safe than sorry.
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>> a motto that millions along the east coast are take seriously. >> the key is preparation and right now, emergency officials here say -- there are less than 24 hours to get ready and get out. along the outer banks, i'm jay gray, nbc because area news. >> let's get a closer look at where hurricane irene is heading. rob is in for jeff because jeff is on his way to cover the hurricane. good evening, rob. >> what's unusual is how many metropolitan areas on the east coast will likely be impacted between late tomorrow on into sunday. as you heard earlier, the winds sustained at 115 miles per hour, classifying it as a major hurricane moving north, defendant at 14 miles per hour. let's take you hour by hour with the projected path of where we think hurricane irene is going first around the carolina outer banks, but notice where it's headed next. right through norfolk, past baltimore, through philadelphia,
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to the east and perhaps, right over long island as a category 1 hurricane. a coastal storm surge up to 10 feet, make up to 15" of rain in some of the wettest spots with winds starting off at 100 miles per hour and dropping off to 75. for the higher skyscrapers in large areas like lower manhattan you'll see a lot of wind damage in addition to flooding. something we'll be watching closely as the continue situation continues to develop over the weekend. jessica? >> we'll check back. here, a south bay school has gone through a complete transformation. gone are the days of no air conditioning and bear-bones technology. this week they opened the doors to the 21st century. we're live at the new san antonio school in east san jose, damian, how lucky are those kids to have the best in education technology in their hands? >> reporter: they can't wait to get those hands on that technology, jessica. i remember doing stories here at the school during heatwaves because they did not have air
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conditioning in their classrooms. now they have this new campus, a new attitude and the technology to help them lead in the digital age. >> very good, now you can roll the dice. >> they're using a new board, a 21st century chalkboard in mrs. cruise's class. >> there you go very good. >> reporter: math is fun again for these fourth graders but there may soon come a time when rulers, pencils and paper won't be the only way to solve a problem. fourth and fifth graders at san antonio elementary school will get a ipad. >> fantastic. >> reporter: lower grades get an ipod touch, all thanks to federal stimulus dollars. >> i think we can learn easier with technology. >> reporter: this is the first time he touches an ipad and now she can't put it down. >> this is pretty awesome. and so, i can't wait until we
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get to use this. >> reporter: and she'll use it here in a brand new campus, thanks to vote who are, three years ago, passed measure g. >> did i tell you? excited as just as i cannot find, exact words to describe my excitement. >> reporter: the principal is witness to the school's renaissance. she remembers the old san antonio with no air conditions. >> those were ovens. >> reporter: now, the only thing heating up on campus is the school pride. the new technology and the attitude that comes with them. >> to change the perception, when you hear jose, what comes to the mind of many, many people is -- it's really a devastated neighborhood where no one cares about the kids. no one cares about education. >> reporter: a school that once had few tools to work with now has all. these students will not only work with apps, but perhaps, some day design them. >> turn around and see if they
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agree with you? very good! >> reporter: i kidded with the superintendent earlier today. i said his school kind of leap-frogged the 20th century. they went from the 19th to the 21st century. now they have to deliver. the test scores must come up. they know here at san antonio elementary school, across, you get the sense that they will deliver. we're live in east san jose. college students who respect undocumented immigrants are close to breathing a little easier tonight. today a state senate committee approved achblt b-131, known as "the dream act." this allows undocumented students who call qualify for reduced in-state tuition to apply for grants. and other public financial aid. versions have been approved before but were vetoed by then governor, arnold schwarzenegger. uc berkeley is taking steps
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to help undocumented immigrants college. they allow public colleges and universities to offer private scholarships to students who came here illegally. chancellor said he's talked to some of the country's largest foundations about supporting the effort but admits, it's tough to get support because immigration is such a politically-charged issue. berkeley is among the first campuses to take advantage of the new law. governor brown unveiled a proposal to create jobs based on what he calls "a complicated tax loophole" that he says lawmakers that graded to it didn't understand. he calls it "perverse." it was first introduced in the b 2009 budget and it allows companies to pick the less expensive of two tax formulas when calculating the liability. >> you can't decide you can change the tax tables to fit your particular needs, nor should a corporation. i believe that this was an outrageous, unjustified tax break that very few people knew, including the governor what the hell they were doing.
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>> reporter: now the change that the governor is proposing would require a two-thirds vote in the legislature. brown is optimistic he can get the republicans to go his way. even democratic leader are expressing some degree of doubt. uncovering the truth about vaccines. the new report that could re-assure parents about vaccinations. >> where you live impacts how you love. how location can play a role in the length of your relationship. and where california ranks in all that. and old navy makes a. [ audience booing ] in its new t-shirt designs. >> and a pretty nice evening around. san jose in the 70s. we have a sea breeze moving if. the first pitch of the giants' game close to 60 you see that on nbc bay area. the weekend warmup is on the way.
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still no sign of libyan leader moammar gadhafi. rebel leaders say they have surrounded him and his family in an tripoli apartment building but there's no independent confirmation of that. that's the only neighborhood the rebels have not yet overthrown. the fighting fierce. gadhafi's spokesperson insists the leader is stilln lyaib and he was hueard on the radio encouraging his supporters to fight. rebels insist they've already won. >> we are libyan. we will not surrender. we will win or die. gadhafi, you will die. >> u.s. intelligence indicates libyan's raw nuclear materials
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are secure despite the battles. they have fuel and food. the man they believe beat a san rafael man unconscious last week at candlestick park. the suspect is described as pacific islander, between 25 and 30 years old, 6'3" and 6'5", weighing 265 with a goatee and a ponytail. he slammed the victim into the wall. he's been steadily improving at the hospital. he was reportedly shielding a restroom stall so his sister could use the facilities. that night also included two shootings, multiple brawls and a dozen arrests. nearly two dozen san jose firefighters were welcomed back to work. they were rehired and retained last month but officially returned to the department tomorrow. the staffing for adequate fire and emergency response federal grant provided $15 million to rehire the firefighters. they were among 49 laid off last
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august before and because of budget cuts. a new study looks at the ongoing debate over the safety of children's vaccines. the federal government commissioned an independent panel of experts to review a thousand different studies and found that vaccines can cause problems but they are extremely rare and most often, happen in patients with severe immune system disorders. the panel's bottom line -- children's vaccines are typically safe. >> vaccines are a victim of their own success. when people were terrified of the disease they were breaking down the doors to get these vaccines. now that their they've not terrified of the disease, they focus more on the risk that these vaccines cause. >> the study also backed up previous studies finding that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine does not cause autism. want to stay married? stay in california. reports say californians are less likely to get divorced compared with the national
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average. two groups, men and women and it turns out that eight to nine out of every 1,000 men and women divorced in 2009. regionally, south has the highs divorce rate. the state withyahe lowest divorce rate? new jersey. rob is here in for jeff ranieri because he's on his way to cover hurricane irene. nice to have you here. >> the weather is very pleasant. completely different story on the east coast. we'll have an update in a moment. but our weather, pleasant. just take your pick. 60s and 70s around the peninsula and coast. 65 in san francisco. look out toward fairfield, morgan hills south around gilroy, close to 90 degrees today. we have a strong sea breeze blowing in which means low clouds surging inland for the morning and probably some areas of drizzle for tomorrow morning, especially for the coast and peninsula. we'll expect a little cloudy start tomorrow but in the afternoon, looking good. some 80s to low 90s inland. the weekend temperatures will
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warm up a little bit. mid 90s inland and the other item to watch is the chance of maybe some sierra thunder and thunder along the coastal rain to the south of santa cruz. first, the latest on hurricane irene, still major hurricane with winds of 115 miles per hour and all the projected storm paths which we plotted out on the map shows you the system will likely pair legal the east coast. jeff ranieri will be on the east coast as we watch the system go through cape hatteras, the outer banks of north carolina and notice it moving up the east like a bowling ball. hitting all these areas based on this center. if the center stays offsheer we could see a category 1 hurricane as it crosses long islandly sunday afternoon. a storm surge on the coastal areas and yinlets and bays of 5 to 10 feet if the storm keeps its path as we suspect it will. rainfall totals could cause flooding and wind speeds across
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some of the larger downtown areas east of philadelphia and eventually up toward cape cod and boston, this is reason why the folks on the i-95 corridor are keeping a close eye on hurricane irene. on the west coast, we're tame. low clouds and fog spilling over the peninsula at this hour. santa cruz got sunshine h sunshine today. the trend towards the weekend is warmer. the marine layer will 'squish down so a few more 90s popping up. especially to the trivalley. upper 90s for the the weekend. if you're heading to the high country, we could see thunder off to the east. cloud tops building out toward the sierra come saturday and sunday. tonight, drizzle, low clouds that will come back in and high temperatures tomorrow in the he 90s. typical summer myoclimates that have been absent for where we
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get these 80s and 90s. the giants game coming up, it'll be a little chilly. first pitch, close to 60. 73 in oakland and for the north bay, 70s. and some 90s up by lake port. the weather getting toasty as we head toward the weekend. but very tame here. the east coast, completely different story. of course, the weather keeping an eye on that and jeff ranieri there on sight. street through the weekend. >> you can't complain when you see what's happeningn other parts of the country. >>ni absolutely. next, a big clothing retailer makes a splash but it's not because of the hot designs.
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your next concert experience got more connected. ticketmaster is hooked up with facebook. this allows you to see where your facebook friends are sitting at concerts. by logging into facebook you can access a ticketmaster seating map showing you where your facebook pals are even before you bought your tickets. that's right.
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ran don come run at the concert, a thing of the past. a embarrassing grammar good evening has a company reprinting thousands of t-shirts. old navy's college t-shirts stanford's mascot and the words "let's go." but there's an apos fee missing. they have to reprint tee-shirts as fast as possible, 70 colleges are represented on those tees. > e'llet l w we'll let you look at the lingo, the stuff we do every day, hop iand make
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it into the diction mayor. op
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do you have a boomerang child? is your husband in a bromance? two of the new words added to meriam webster's dictionary. a boomerang child is a term for a young adult that returns to live with his family for financial reasons. and this involving running, climbing and leaping over environmental obstacles. it means to get information from a group of people online. and helicopter parent, someone overly involved in their kid's life. other words? cougar, fist-pumping, thanks to barack obama, president obama. and tweet, of course. >> that one would have to go with raj. he's constantly tweeting. >> i was a little worried about that. >> we can't publish that. >> we got the giants game coming up here on nbc 5. it's going to be aund 60 first pitch time. you see the forecast in the seven-day forecast. morning drizzle tomorrow but for san francisco, quite cool to get
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the game started. right here on nbc bay area. >> they could just say "don't be a snooki." and our programming is shifting t kron bebecause of th giants game. check it out there and we'll see
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